Will and I did something we had never done before a few weeks ago – we shot our first wedding where we only did video! We had been toying with the idea of accepting weddings for video only for awhile now and decided to make the jump! Though we think our hearts will always lean more towards photography, we really, really enjoy the magic that videography can capture. Lucy and Tim’s wedding day was absolutely perfect and a real joy to capture. One of the bridesmaids told me pretty early on in the day that there would be lots of happy tears shed throughout the day, and boy was she right! There were so many sweet moments shared between Tim, Lucy, their families, and friends. You can just absolutely see how much Tim and Lucy are loved. Their church, in the heart of Swansboro was absolutely gorgeous, as was the White Oak River Bistro, where they enjoyed a fabulous reception. We hope you’ll enjoy this video of this awesome couple. We can’t wait to see the photos that Rachel with Rachel Ricks Photography captured of the day!