Now that you guys have seen some of our favorite images from Blaire and Griff’s Longstraw Farms wedding day, I’m back and super excited to share with you guys their wedding day highlight film. There’s so much I could write about the day, but there are so many moments that I know I couldn’t do justice. That’s why I love these highlight films. One of my favorite moments was watching Griff unwrap his wedding gift from Blaire – color blindness corrective glasses. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room as Griff saw the world in true color for the first time. I also love that this particular video capture so many genuine smiles and moments of laughter.

One other detail of the day that I simply can’t let slip by without mentioning and wasn’t captured on film was all of the hard work that Blaire and Griff’s family put into making their day perfect. Ya’ll it poured and poured in the hours leading up to the ceremony. When we first arrived, as it was still raining, the first thing we noticed was the hustle and bustle around the tent as everyone poured their hearts and souls into taking such a wet situation and making it perfect. There were folks literally removing puddles of mud from under the tent with iced tea pitchers. Not to our surprise, Longstraw’s owner, Sandy, and her super sweet assistant Cookie, were working just as hard as the couple’s family to make the space as dry as possible and tending to every little detail to make sure that when Blaire and Griff saw the space it was perfect. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, we absolutely love Longstraw Farms. Sandy’s hard work on this particular wedding day is simply a testament to her willingness and desire to go above and beyond to make sure her couples have the best day possible!

We hope you guys enjoy this highlight film! We definitely enjoyed putting it together and getting to see Blaire and Griff’s smiles over and over!