Courtney & Chad - The Meadows Wedding Highlight Film - Maysville NC Videographer

The last few weeks I’ve been pretty busy working at the hospital which means when I’m not at work, I’m catching up on sleep. Of course this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does put me behind on my blogging (and catching up on e-mails -whoops!). I can’t let anther day go by without sharing Courtney and Chad’s wedding day highlight film. Courtney and Chad were the absolute best way for us to start off our 2019 spring wedding season. There were so many beautiful details of the day, but watching the day unfold and the love that Courtney and Chad have for each other was the absolute best part. Courtney was definitely happy, joyful, and full of smiles and laughs before the ceremony, but after… Man, she couldn’t stop smiling! The love they showed towards each other throughout the day was nothing short of amazing, but what made the day truly unique was seeing all the love that they were surrounded by as well. Courtney and Chad have amazing family and friends that were so full of joy for the occasion. Chad and Courtney also lead an amazing youth group at their church, and their group came out in full support of the celebration. It was truly an honor for Will and me to feel like we were a part of one of their best days ever. We hope you’ll enjoy this highlight film!