Emily & Nick - The Turnage Theater Wedding Day Preview - Washington NC Photographer

April through June is one of the busiest times of year for us. And we absolutely love it! Last weekend we were blessed to be a part of not one, but two weddings. Tonight, I’m here to share with you guys Nick and Emily’s intimate wedding day at the Turnage Theater in Washington, NC. Will and I both grew up about 30 minutes from Washington, but neither of us had ever been inside the theater, and what a lovely surprise it was! Emily has a degree in graphic design and Nick was a film major. They both just graduated this month from ECU! Combine their creative minds, and you know that their wedding day was a delight for us to capture. Not to mention that they are two of the sweetest, most loving people we have ever met. From how relaxed they were about the 80% forecast of rain to how go-with-the-flow Emily was when her bouquet was inadvertently set in a poison ivy vine, we could not have asked for two easier people to work with. I guess as artists they have learned that not everything always goes as planned, but once you give up aiming for perfection, the beauty of an imperfectly perfect real life can be even better. Nick and Emily, we hope the two of you are having THE BEST time in Venice! We hope you’ll enjoy these sneak peeks from one of the most amazing weddings we have ever been asked to be a part of.