How long have you been in business?

Will has always had a love of photography. He began shooting sessions for free in the fall of 2010. He eventually took the leap and started an official business in 2011. He slowly began training me to be his second shooter and Will took the business full time in the fall of 2013. In May of 2015, I cut my hours significantly at my second job to help Will as much as I can during our busy seasons.

Can I have the RAW files so I can edit my photos myself?

The short and sweet answer: Unfortunately, no. On an average wedding day, Will and I leave with 3000-5000 RAW unedited photos. When the wedding day is over, the work has only just begun for us. We take a good look at each and every photo, decide which ones are keepers, and Will spends hours editing each photo to make it look like its absolute best. To us, when the photo is taken, it is only halfway complete. We will never share with the world unedited photos. Just like any artist, we do not want you to see our unfinished work.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

Every photo that is worth keeping, you will see. Throughout your session, you will hear the shutter click several times for each pose. This accounts for blinking, fly away hairs with a small gust of wind, slight changes in light, etc. Sometimes we will take a shot and decide that a different exposure will suit the photo better. We do not return every single photo because we only want you to see the work that we would be proud of. Don’t worry, we deliver more photos than the average photo gallery we have seen online.

What is a print release?

Choosing a package that includes printing rights ensures that you will receive a print release with your photos. A print release allows you to print your photos through whatever vendor you choose as much as you like and for as long as you like.

What type of camera and equipment do you use?

We shoot Sony. We each have two full frame bodies and an assortment of lenses. We have back-up cameras, lenses, and flashes. You can  rest assured that if any of our equipment is damaged or malfunctions during your wedding day we have a plan to continue shooting without anyone ever even noticing.

Do you back up our images? How can we ensure that our images won’t be lost?

We take protecting your images very seriously. Each of our cameras has dual memory cards which means that each time we snap a photo there are two copies made. Once we return home we back your images up to two separate hard drives, one of which we keep in a fireproof safe (along with the original memory cards.) Once they are completely edited, you will receive an online gallery in addition to our two copies.

Can I pay via credit card?

You can use a credit card when  ordering prints online.   Otherwise we prefer cash or check.   In a pinch we can take a card for small sessions, but because of higher than normal processing fees, we absolutely prefer cash or check.

Why is your logo at the bottom of my images?

In the Web-Ready folder, your photos will have a white border with "Will Greene Photography" in plain text on the bottom.   Since the Web-Ready files are designed to be shared on social media, we keep our name on the photos.   When you sign up for social media sites, you agree that any photos you share can be used by them for advertising - well we think if they can advertise with our photos we should at least get credit.

Added Bonus:  Having the logo at the bottom will help to know what folder you should use for printing - if you are about to have a photo with our logo on it printed, stop and go find the Print-Ready version or else your print won't live up to it's potential.


How many images do you typically deliver from an engagement session?

The average engagement session yields 70-130 photos. This is dependent upon your location, the weather, number of outfit changes, etc.

Do you charge travel fees? Why?

Will and I spend many, many hours on the road each week traveling to and from sessions. Though we love traveling to multiple locations each week as opposed to using the same local spots over and over again, travel time takes us away from the computer for editing, away from other potential sessions, and away from our friends and families. Travel fees help recoup our time in the car as well as gas and mileage. As a general rule, please expect a travel fee for locations greater than 30-45 minutes from our home in Farmville.

What should we bring to our session?

When planning for your session, please plan to bring along any props that you may wish to bring.  Please also plan to bring along any outfit changes you may have, comfortable shoes, bottled water during the warmer months, and a jacket to wear between shots during the cooler months. We recommend leaving purses, keys, cell phones, and other small personal items in your car. We move around quite a bit during a typical session and may not always have an easily accessible, safe spot for your belongings.   (But don't leave your car keys in the car!)

How long will my shoot last?

Typical engagement and bridal sessions  lasts 2 to 3 hours. Many factors determine the length of the session, but  we generally block off 3 hours for these sessions. This is the same for newborn sessions. Most all other sessions (children, family, etc.) last approximately 45 minutes.


How soon should I book my wedding?

As soon as you know you’d like to use us. Sometimes we book weddings as much as two years in advance. May, June, October, and November are typically our busiest months but this actually tends to change from year to year. We often shoot 6-7 weddings in the month of October alone so we definitely recommend booking as far in advance as you can.

How do I book with Will Greene Photography?

After e-mailing or calling us to confirm that we have your date open, we’d love to set up a consultation to discuss the details of your big day and to make sure we are a good fit for each other. After our consultation and deciding which package is right for you, we do request a half down deposit and signed contract to secure your date. In some instances, we can work out a payment plan. Just ask.

Do you do destination weddings?

Will and I love to travel! Contact us for information on travel fees!

Which photographer will be shooting my wedding?

I am almost always Will’s second shooter. (I have only missed one wedding since 2013 and it was to help celebrate one of my best friends at her bachelorette weekend.) Our top three packages guarantee two photographers will be at your wedding. If you have chosen one of our top three packages and for some reason I am unavailable, we will hire a second shooter to help cover your wedding. With the smaller packages, you will still receive both of us as long as I don't have any unavoidable prior commitments.

Do you provide partial day coverage?

We have multiple wedding day packages that range in hours of coverage. For the best coverage of your wedding day, we recommend choosing a package that will allow enough time for us to arrive at least 2-3 hours before the ceremony and will allow us to stay until at least an hour before the reception is over.

What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

Extra hours are $150 if we have notification in advance. If your wedding day arrives and the party is just so much fun that you decide to have us stay longer, extra hours are $200 if decided upon that day.

How many images do you typically deliver from a wedding day?

On average, wedding day coverage that includes at least 6-8 hours will yield approximately 800-1200 photos. Again, this depends on several factors including how big your bridal party is, how many family photos we take, how much dancing occurs at the reception, etc.

If we cancel the wedding will be receive our deposit back?

Your deposit is non-refundable.  We often have to turn away  couples for a particular date, so a cancellation could cause us to miss out on more than one wedding.

If we change our wedding date, will we receive our deposit back?

If we are available for your new wedding date, we can transfer your deposit to that date. Otherwise, your deposit is non-refundable.


How long does it take me to get my prints?

Once you have placed your order for you prints, they should be shipped to you within 7-10 days (often sooner, but we can't guarantee it.)

How long does it take to get my book/album?

When you decide to order your book/album, we will work closely together to pick out the best photos and layout to fit your needs. We have an amazing program that allows us to message back and forth so that we ensure the book/album will look exactly as you want. Once the book/album has been finalized and approved by you, it will be shipped to you in approximately 10 days.

How long does it take to get my book/album?

When you decide to order your book/album, we will work closely together to pick out the best photos and layout to fit your needs. We have an amazing program that allows us to message back and forth so that we ensure the book/album will look exactly as you want. Once the book/album has been finalized and approved by you, it will be shipped to you in approximately 10 days.

why am I having to crop my image to order the size print that I want?

One of the hardest things for me to explain is why you can't fit the entire image when ordering different print sizes.  Hopefully this will clarify this issue.

The cameras we use shoot at an aspect ratio of 2:3 (the same as most cameras) this means that for every 2 units an image is wide, it is 3 units long.  Certain print sizes including the most popular 4x6 fit this aspect ratio perfectly. However, some sizes don't fit so nicely (e.g. 5x7, 8x10, 11x14). Thus, cropping is necessary. Below are examples of the 3 most common sizes and how the image is affected to fit them.