The time of year when we get lots of questions about our mini sessions is upon us, so I figured a blog post describing these sessions would help explain how they work. We do get year-round requests for mini sessions, but unfortunately tend to only offer them at Christmas-time. During this busy season, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do full sessions for all of the clients that request Christmas photos. Our solution to this is mini sessions. Each year, we like to offer two full days of Christmas mini sessions that are complete with a theme and props to give your Christmas photos a unique feel. Each year the theme changes so that our loyal clients that come annually don’t have the same ol’ photos year after year. In addition to our two full day mini session offerings, this year we have also offered a few other dates and times that work with our schedule around weddings/church/etc. to accommodate clients that are unable to make it on our full days.

A little more on our mini sessions:

Clients that are NOT good candidates for a mini session: newborns, engagements, bridals, extended families (more than 6 people). It’s just not the nature of these subjects to be photographed well in a 20 minute time period.

What you can expect: If you and your family arrive on time and ready to go, you will have 20 minutes to use however you like. This is typically more than enough time for several different combinations: family shots, kids together, kids individually, parents together, etc. At Christmas time, we generally have plenty of time for several photos with the props we have and for several shots that are completely without props so that the whole session does not lean heavily on a Christmas theme. And, of course, if you’d rather not use any of our props at all, that is completely fine! You’re welcome to bring your own or just yourselves as well. We also are firm believers that dogs are part of the family, and we welcome them at the session. Just know that they can be a bit time consuming getting to sit and behave perfectly. Typically, we return approximately 40-70 final edited images, with the average being around 55.

Cancellations: To be completely honest, we get quite a few cancellations for mini sessions. We know it’s a busy time of year and things pop up last minute, but it stinks for us to be sitting in a random park for 30 minutes at a time waiting on our next clients to arrive. We’ve also likely turned away several clients that would have loved to have your spot. So, if at all possible, check and double check your calendar before booking and do your best not to cancel 

Location: Each year for our full days of sessions, we do one day at our local park in Farmville and one day at a park in Greenville (Greensprings is our favorite). The other random openings we have are typically scheduled in Farmville or sometimes in Greenville if we are already in town for church or another session. We are able to offer mini sessions at such an affordable rate because we are able to schedule them back to back with other sessions. Because of this, we cannot offer mini sessions at the client’s home, private properties, or at a location that we have not previously booked another full session.

I know this post has mostly talked about Christmas mini-sessions, but I wanted to share a recent fall mini session that we shot. These particular sessions were actually “Extra Mini” sessions and were discounted a bit since they weren’t heavy on props and were only 15 minutes in length. Although the client received 54 final, edited images, I’m sharing 15 images that I feel like demonstrate the variety that can be captured in a shorter session. We likely won’t offer “Extra Mini” sessions in the future, so please keep in mind our typical mini sessions are a bit longer in length.

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